Website Promotion

Internet marketing is something that every business needs to invest in given the amount of time people are spending online.  The first place consumers go to find information is the Internet, whether they are searching for a new product or service or for the week’s weather forecast. The quicker you decide to make the investment, the quicker you will see why millions of business owners have turned to online marketing to propel their sales and profits. At First Click Marketing, we believe that value defines us. We are always committed to providing the best website promotion to our clients.

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Social Media Marketing

First Click Marketing’s Social Media approach positions your brand in front of your target market and creates true fans that will promote your brand for you. Our social media marketing services encompass Social Strategy, Management and Marketing and is a huge piece of your overall marketing strategy.

Many people think of Social Media as an afterthought or as a secondary marketing strategy to their core marketing effort. However, Social Media is extremely strong as well as influential in it’s own right and should have a definitive place in your overall marketing strategy.

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Reputation Management

If you sell products or services online, then there is nothing more potentially damaging then hearing that a person will not be doing business with you due to what they have read about your company via Google or other search engines. In today’s marketplace where a business is identified through their online brand, missed opportunities ranging from $1000 to $100,000 are lost out on daily due to a company’s tarnished online reputation. This may be caused by false, misleading search engine results started by a competitor, a news site or even a message board.

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