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Client Testimonials

The pay-off from all the hard work.

There is tremendous satisfaction to be had knowing you’ve done your job well and served your clients’ interests. It makes us extremely happy when our clients take the time to acknowledge their satisfaction by providing First Click Marketing with their testimonials.

 The Williams Law Group

Case Study: Allison Williams is a prominent lawyer in New Jersey. Her firm specializes in family law and child abuse cases. When our team met with Allison she wanted a complete redesign of her website and wanted it ranked for her specialty, DCPP law.

Challenge: Allison had two existing websites she needed melded into one. While one website focused on DCPP/DYFS the other focused on family and divorce law. She was not convinced that bringing the two together would help her business efforts.

Allison’s goal was clear. Get listed on the first page of Google in order to extend her reach and find new clients interested in her range of specialties.

Solution: Our programmers redesigned Allison’s strongest website to incorporate her plethora of specialties. A blog devoted to family law was extended to include not only traditional divorce and family law cases but child abuse and DCPP law as well. The website was then ranked for all of her specialties for the majority of her areas of expertise.

Results: Allison says that she is now accustomed to receiving 18 – 20 new contact form requests per week. Her blog is going strong and her website receives 50 – 100 visits daily.

Comment: For the past 2 weeks, our weekly average has been 18…I am very pleased with your efforts on my behalf

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Herrera Financial

Dunn Dental Group

 S. Weiner & Associates


Case Study: S. Weiner & Associates specialize in personal injury relating to auto, motorcycle and slip & fall throughout the state of California. They created their website over 5 years ago.

Challenge: Steven Weiner, Owner of the firm had previously had SEO work done on his website but after 7 months realized that the SEO company he had signed up with was not producing the desired results and he received minimal success with his campaign. Steven was hesitant about trusting a different SEO company but knew he needed to gain a foothold in his market.

Steven’s goal was clear. Gain immediate, qualified leads in his specialized market and start getting contacted as soon as possible from prospects that his firm would convert into paying clients.

Solution: The project manager did his initial analysis and it was decided that a complete overhaul of the website was mandatory. Utilizing a new URL, designers created a brand new desktop and mobile design for the firm and beginning generating interest immediately with PPC Advertising.

Results: The results were immediately gratifying. In the first month the firm brought on 7 new PI clients as a direct result of PPC advertising and over time have increased their budget as the campaign continues to deliver an extremely high ROI.

Comment: I am extremely happy with FCM. They delivered on their promise of generating new leads. I am pleased the increased phone calls. I would say that within the first month of being on page one our client retention rate doubled.

weiner for fcm

DB Law Screenshot

Carter Financial

Jackson Dental Group

 Law Offices of David Barzaga


Case Study: The Law Offices of David Barzaga specialize in providing DUI services in Stockton, CA. They created their website over 2 years ago.

Challenge: David Barzaga, Owner of the company wanted to invest in SEO for the firm’s website but didn’t know very much about the process or how it could help their bottom line. The firm also practiced several different types of competitive law and breaking into the market was difficult for them.

David’s goal was clear. Rank for the search term ‘Stockton DUI Lawyer’ in a highly competitive market.

Solution: The project manager made the decision that the existing website content required a complete redesign. The existing content had been created in-house and was not keyword optimized. Our technicians created content for each of the pages and began a complete backlink campaign consisting of Guest posting and Press Releases to initially gain authority followed by high page rank links in order to raise their website in the search results.

Results: After two months the website experienced considerable rise in the search engines, and began listing on the first page of Google after 3 months.

Comment: It was a pleasure working with the First Click Marketing team. They did an outstanding job for us. From helping develop an online marketing plan to generating potential sales leads. My phone is ringing every day now. I would highly recommend using their team for any marketing effort that you may have.

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