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Reputation Management

In business marketing, there is nothing more damaging then hearing that a potential client will not be doing business with you due to what they have read about you via Google or other search engines. In today’s marketplace where a business is identified through their online reputation, missed opportunities ranging from $1000 to $100,000 are lost out on daily due to a tarnished online reputation. First Click Marketing offers marketing management to clear up these allegations which may be caused by false, misleading results started by a competitor, a news site or even a message board.

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Whatever the causation, results can be devastating and swift. The silver lining is that First Click Marketing is able to resolve these issues in most cases and get your business back on good standing and in good public opinion through our experience and knowledge in this area. The online talent and experience we possess is second to none at First Click Marketing.

Many consumers, with a click of a button, are able to pull up online reviews and facts about a business before deciding to move forward with them. For this reason it is extremely important to have a positive online reputation to back up your brand. The first impression people receive is generally the one that remains with them, and consumers eager to make informed purchasing decisions can easily locate product and company reviews. If the buying choice involves a company that has several mixed reviews versus a company with only good reviews the choice that consumers will make is clear.

Review Suppression

When surveyed, most consumers responded that they implicitly trust online reviews and in fact seek out online reviews before deciding on a purchase. When a consumer searches for a brand on the Internet they are hoping to find good, positive feedback about that brand. This not only gives a physiological boost to their already honed instincts regarding the brand but cements their decision to purchase from the brand. At this key decision making point, it can be lethal if the consumer instead finds negative or mixed reviews regarding the brand. These type of reviews throw the consumer off track and in most cases compel them to alter their decision making and search for a different brand.

Complicating the situation is the fact that negative reviews may arise from a number of different sources and may be difficult to track down. They may arise from past customers, however; they may also be planted by competitors who wish to steal business and are using unethical means to do so. The truth is that no matter where negative reviews come from, they are damaging and far reaching.

Brand Enhancement

Consumers are increasingly utilizing the Internet to assist them in making informed buying decisions. As a result it is imperative that any business that is advertising online have a stellar online profile. If a consumer performs an online search for your brand then you want the security of knowing that what they find will only lead to further interest on their part. Anything else will unfortunately only lead to lost revenue and loss of potential clients.

Wikipedia Plan

Wikipedia is increasingly becoming the go-to place for information on the Internet. A Wikipedia entry about well-known companies can easily be a leading influence of public opinion. Although complex, First Click Marketing is an expert in the modification of misleading, negative Wikipedia listings. We have created multiple action plans to assist in adjusting, fine tuning and refining these listings.

For businesses, brands, and individuals who do not currently possess a Wikipedia entry, First Click Marketing can work to create a brand new listing which emphasize affirmative information regarding the brand and creates the client’s online reputation in a constructive, influential method.

Clearing Plans

First Click Marketing offers many different types of Clearing Plans. We tailor each plan to meet the specific requirement of our client. We work to find the all of the damaging search engine listings that are appearing on the first page of Google and then construct a Clearing Plan designed to wipe these entries off the first page and place them on a subsequent page and out of the public eye.

First Click Marketing then creates new listings in order to fill the first page of Google with positive information about your brand thereby ensuring that what consumers see will only increase their interest and push them to the next step of connecting and purchasing.