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At First Click Marketing, our purpose is to enhance your customer experience with everything we do. We act as an extension of your own brand and offer high value marketing.

Law Firm Internet Advertising

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Is your goal to acquire more clients and connect with the right audience – people that require your specialized legal services?

If so, look to Internet advertising. Many firms rely on referrals, as this is a time honored source for leads. But what if you had an entirely new source to pull targeted leads from? A source that has proven to be every bit as viable as referral networking, but without the time constraints and effort that referral networking requires. Team up with First Click Marketing and tap into an entirely new income potential with law firm Internet advertising.

First Click Marketing offers a better solution. Connect with our team and be pro-active about your marketing. Let your web presence initiate new client connections and spread awareness of your firm.

If you want to maximize your chances of meeting new clients, improve your firm’s image and spread your reach much further then you ever thought possible, people need to know about your professional expertise and services. This is precisely what First Click Marketing will do by ranking you at the top of the search results.

First Click Marketing optimizes your website’s content and its functionality. We ensure that when your website ranks on the first page of Google, it is a true reflection of your brand and is ready for new clients to find.

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We can rank anything, and we do:

                                                                 – Website

                                                                 – YouTube video

                                                                 – Yelp listing

                                                                 – LinkedIn profile


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                                                                 – Get your name in front of people

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With Effective Internet Advertising You Can:

                                                                  Always be available

                                                                  Target your local audience

                                                                  Generate business leads

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Brand Identification – How Do You Want Leads To Find You?


Website Optimization

Your website should be your strongest marketing tool; it’s primary function to bring in new leads. If it’s not currently doing this we can help. We’ll make sure that all the time and money you invested creating your website pays off by optimizing it to be your main money earner.

LinkedIn Listing

The biggest professional business network in the world, a first page Google listing from LinkedIn establishes instant credibility and gives an added air of professionalism to your firm.

YouTube Video

A YouTube video on the first page of Google stands out due to its bright thumbnail image which we customize with your profile picture. After adding your phone number (which shows up directly in the search results) we have found that many leads call immediately without first watching the video.

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I would like to learn about:

My preferred method of contact is:




Our marketing team can assist in choosing the best listing for your firm. All of the above listings will put you in closer contact with potential clients. This is the awesome power of Google’s first page. Interested in acquiring all 3 and filling up the first page with your brand? Our qualified sales team can strategically come up with the best law firm Internet advertising plan for you. Be aggressive about growing your practice and start generating more income.