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content marketing


Content marketing is a marketing technique that involves the creation and distribution of editorial content to attract, acquire and engage an audience with the aim of turning them into customers.

First Click Marketing specializes in content marketing that provides your target audience with helpful information and attractive and informative content which is different from a sales pitch – whose main goal is to positively influence prospects to buy services or products. Our content marketing focuses on providing true value.

The use of content marketing allows for long term strategy and allows you to familiarize customers with your business. Many online businesses are losing sales because they are much too aggressive and direct with their customers. However, providing fun and free content via content marketing allows you to build a stronger bond with prospects and it is a well-known fact that customers buy only if they trust the brand, company or product. Ideally, content marketing is a powerful tool that allows you to connect and establish a quick rapport with your target audience.

First Click Marketing creates content marketing which helps generate traffic and collect sales leads. It entices, captures, entertains, educates and builds trust. We always keeps these points in mind when incorporating content marketing initiatives:

– 80% of the content we create helps your customers meet their expectations and help them achieve their goals

– The remaining 20% ​​is reserved to promote your products or services

Our Content marketing helps gain visibility on search engines

Google keeps on upgrading their search algorithm. The traditional SEO techniques are no longer sufficient to maintain a site at the top of search results, especially when the competition is fierce. All the content on a site (text, photos, videos etc.) are evaluated by search engines to determine the ranking of a website. Google looks at relativity and the quality of the content. Google also considers the frequency at which the site produces quality content. To optimize SEO and increase your visibility, it is essential to develop a strong content strategy and promote it on the web.

Content Marketing Challenges Business Owners Face

The biggest Content Marketing challenge for business owners is creating quality content that meets the expectations of potential readers. A lot of companies start their content marketing with great zeal but somehow lose it over a short period of time due to a lack of content that creates buzz or effectively engages with their audience. One of the biggest hurdles is continually creating quality content.

Another challenge is not producing enough quality content to keep the audience coming back to your site. The frequency of content updates should be consistent. Many company’s start out producing daily content on their site and gradually slows down on the frequency of posts thereby affecting the traffic to their site.

Measuring the effectiveness of your content marketing strategy is easy to do. First Click Marketing helps you define metrics and use the right technologies. Let’s work together and start measuring the conversions of your content marketing campaigns.