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At First Click Marketing, our purpose is to enhance your customer experience with everything we do. We act as an extension of your own brand and offer high value marketing.

More Leads. More Customers. More Sales. Facebook Advertising!

First Click Marketing uses Facebook advertising to help you get more customers. Done right, Facebook can bring you the most targeted visitors at a low cost which traditional advertising can only dream of.  Our team works with you one-on-one in a personable, professional environment and we optimize your Facebook campaign allowing you to spend more time with new clients.

Facebook advertising is about getting the right message at the right time to the right audience. At First Click Marketing, your campaigns are optimized to meet your goals and to get you the best results possible. We help build quality traffic, create higher conversions and increase ROI.

Facebook Advertising Benefits:


The Targeting Options for Facebook Ads are Amazing.


Facebook has a Massive Audience Which WILL Include Your Customers.


Gain an Edge Over Your Competitors Who Aren't Using Facebook Advertising Yet.

What Makes Us Different Is What Makes Us Special

We are a passionate team with a straightforward business. We want to help take your company to the next level of success and we specialize in Facebook advertising. We provide clear, concise reports and instructions and continually provide recommendations to improve your campaign. Our team is always accessible by phone or email with any questions you may have. You’ll love us. Honest!

Our Facebook Setup Delivers:

Campaign Set Up – we help determine your audience targeting, budget and schedule.

Ad Creation — we write your ads and optimize them to earn your business more sales.

Remarketing -we ensure successful remarketing by establishing your Custom Audience.

Custom Audience – we create your account’s Facebook Pixel and install it on your website.

Analysis and Monitoring — your campaign will be continuously optimized, as we find opportunities to grow your business’s revenue.

Learning Center – We provide detailed instructions on how to perform all of the above.

Why Facebook Advertising is Hard – and How We Help

Facebook advertising is essential to any business, but it can be somewhat complicated and become difficult for the average company to implement and run successfully. That’s where First Click Marketing comes in. Our team offers a one-stop service that will get your company up and running with Facebook advertising in a flash.

We help you get the most out of your Facebook campaign, and our personal training and instruction for small business owners allow clients to reap the benefits of the Facebook system.

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Start Getting More Leads With Your Facebook Ads

First Click Marketing acts as your advertising partner, and we are ready to help you get a jump start on your Facebook advertising strategy. Contact us now for help with your Facebook advertising.

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